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"The Life Story of Doc Ball is a well-researched and lovingly-made presentation not just of a key figure in surf history, but of a cherished time and a place in American history. Riding waves was still a wild, new, uncharted activity in the United States and much of the rest of the world when Doc Ball came onto the scene. Thanks to his passion for the sport, and thanks to his dedication in recording it, with still photos and movies, we have a portal into our shared past. Carl Ackerman's heartfelt documentary including Malcolm Gault-Williams's script and co-production does an excellent job at bringing Ball and the early years of surfing front and center."

Matt Warsaw

Producer/Writer/Owner | Encyclopedia of Surfing

"An intimate and visual portrait of a remarkable personality. A life well lived during the pre-war landscape of Southern California. Clean waves, clean beaches, clean air, clean streets and clean living. Well produced"

Gary Lynch | surf historian

"It is in my top 3 biographical surf films. Clean and tight with a focused & brisk pace."


 Bird Huffman | Bird's Surf Shed



"I watched the Doc Ball program on public television. I liked it so much I called and ordered a DVD for myself and a few more for Christmas gifts. Any surfer would love this show."


 Jess F. | life-long surfer

KOB 4 NBC Interview - push play

Carl at California Surf Museum Screening - push play

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