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In 1985 Carl Ackerman was knocked unconscious for 5 days after a jeep accident in Baja Mexico.  He severed his left radial nerve and wasn’t able to use his hand for close to a year. The doctors said he would never be able to surf again.  Fortunately as a last effort a Tendon Transfer operation was performed and he was able to raise his wrist again but had limited strength and no feeling in the back side of his hand.  

Carl Ackerman began shooting and editing video in 1987 when he began producing a public access surfing program called “Crossfire Videos” which he also hosted.  This show starred Peter King, Joey Buran, Justin Postin, The Weatherly Brothers, Saxon Boucher , Richard Kenvin and other pro surfers. Tony Magnussen and David Andrecht were also featured from  H-Street skateboards and their videos such as “Shackle Me Not” were shown especially footage of Danny Way.

In 1988 “Crossfire Videos” quickly became the most highly requested show airing on the San Diego Cox Cable and Southwestern Cable Public Access channels. This was definitely not because of the production and editing quality, but because of the content. 1988 Carl began working for Christian Communications Network as a full time TV Cameraman. Here he was taught broadcasting techniques from multi-Emmy Award winning Director, Jerry Barnard, JR. . Carl learned all aspects of television production working in this 4 camera studio which was also mobile. He shot programs for 2 years for CCN , including “Faithline” which was broadcast every day across the nation.

In 1995 Carl Ackerman was the California DP for Blazing Longboards by Chris Bytrsom. The surf was the biggest Southern California had seen in years.  Waves were breaking Pier to Pier in La Jolla with Joel Tudor, Mike Myers and others including Terry Simms tearing them up.

In 1996 Carl created “Shaping 101 with John Carper” & also began distributing to surfshops. “Shaping 101″ received a 1997 Bronze Telly Award and was the first professional  shaping instructional program.

“Glassing 101 with John Carper” was released in 1998 and became very popular as new shapers were able to complete their own boards.

Carl released Doc Ball - Surfing's Legendary Lensman in 1999. This won a Silver Telly Award and was the only Telly Award for a self produced program in the year 2000. (They sent a letter).  This program also aired on PBS  in Northern California. Carl was glad that he had the chance to capture the story of such a great Waterman.

Airbrushing 101 was released in 2000 and in 2005 Carl produced the Epoxy 101 Series with Greg Loehr.

Carl has been producing tv commercials for the NBC affiliate in New Mexico since 2001 and currently is getting ready to release a remake of his Doc Ball program which will be entitled "The Life Story of Doc Ball".

Ackerman Digital, LLC
Shooter for Hire
Carl Ackerman shooting lead camera "Rover" for Luche Libre USA for two seasons. 10 hour days shooting 4 shows per day. Using a provided Ikigami for this series.  
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Ackerman Digital, LLC
Documentary Projects
Shooting for a producer from within our company van draped with burlap.This wilderness shoot caused us to shoot 8 hour days without leaving the van for a prairie dog documentary.
Ackerman Digital, LLC
33 Years Experience
We are there to get the shot the right way, the first time.
Carl Ackerman started in 1988 as a cameraman for Faithline talk shows.
Our crew at Ackerman Digital, LLC like producing creative programs. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.
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